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Building a sustainable peace in Kenya through youth empowerment, engagement, and unity.
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Victory Primary School

The Victory Primary School is situated in the small village of Kipkelion, in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya.


  • The school is new, with approximately 180 students ranging from grades 1-7.
  • Approximately 80 of them are orphans as a result of Kenya's post-election and other political violence, as well as HIV/AIDS.
  • Another 60 students have only one parent.
  • There are 10 teachers at the school.
  • Many of them walk distances ranging from 3-12 kilometres to get to school each day, and often the only meal they eat is the meagre
    lunch of rice and beans that they are given at school each day, the result of generous donations from the local community.
  • The school has no electricity, and is built with wooden planks as wall, and sheets of tin as the roof.


Adam and Kepha both visited the school on July 15, 2011 and were given an extremely warm welcome, shown around the premises, and were treated to a drama performance from each class of students. When we asked how we could help support the school, Elikana Ogucha, the principal and founder of the school, told us that he is interested in building a few new classrooms for the school, and that he desperately requires assistance getting books for the students.

  • He only needs approximately $700 to build each new classroom for the school, and wants to build 4 more.
  • He needs $4000 to purchase 6 books for each of the 180 students.
  • Any donations possible for more food to supply the school.


    For Christmas 2011, students at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada, conducted a fundraising drive in which they each donated money to help send Christmas presents to each of these students, provide them with fruit and juice on Christmas Day, and they were each given a personalized handwritten card from a Canadian university student. Students at the Carey School in San Mateo, California, further organized a drive to raise both school and sports supplies for these students.

    The pictures below are of the school and show what happened during the Christmas festivities at the Victory Primary School.


    This school is entirely unrelated to the peace project that this website is dedicated to, but is a phenomenal place, and the students deserve all the goodwill that can be spared. The cost of classroom is minimal and contributes immensely to their continued education, as of course do the books. Otherwise they require donations for food, for books for the school, and any other supplies that we can get over to them.


    If you are interested in supporting this more-than-deserving institution, then please contact us and we can direct you and whatever help you are able to offer to Mr. Ogucha and all the children at Victory Primary School. Every single cent that is donated will go to the school.



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