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Building a sustainable peace in Kenya through youth empowerment, engagement, and unity.
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Adam Hummel


About Adam


My name is Adam Hummel and I am 27 years old. I am currently a lawyer living in Toronto, Canada, having gone to law school at the University of Windsor. I completed my undergraduate studies at York University in Toronto, and received a double major B.A. Honors in political science and history. I have also just released a book about this peace project, titled Amani Haki Yetu: Peace Is Our Right, available on Amazon.

While at York University my social conscience continued to develop, and I became involved in raising awareness about the genocide that is currently unfolding in Darfur, and became the Co-President of the York chapter of STAND (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur). I also became more politically involved on campus, running for student government positions, and trying to fund raise by bridging relations with a variety of student groups. This involvement opened my eyes to some other outstanding student activists who have devoted so much time and effort to causes that they care so much about.

Though brought up and raised almost my entire life in Canada, I was born in South Africa, and only in the last few years has my South African identity come to play a direct role in what I am passionate about. As a white South African who left for security concerns, I believe that my family, and other South Africans who have left, have a role to play in African advocacy. We are in a good position in Toronto to affect change and I believe that what afflicts Africa impacts us all. It is this identity and this urge to make a difference, coupled with with only a bit of guilt about South African apartheid, that I wanted to get involved in African affairs. Today I am hooked, and much of my free time is spent writing, attempting to raise money, and boost awareness for the problems that afflict Kenya and other countries in Africa.

I enjoy writing, reading, scuba diving, and traveling, and spent a year after I graduated from my undergraduate studies living in London, England. While there I worked as a tour guide for the Big Bus Company conducting live guided tours around London. I am adventurous and love trying new things, and this is the exact reason why I first decided to go and spend some time in Africa before I left London to move back to Toronto.


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Kepha Nyambegera


About Kepha

Regional Director, Youth Ambassadors for Peace

My name is Kepha Nyambegera.  I am 23 years old. I was born in a village called Matongo in Nyamira County, which is found in Kenya. I joined Kerumbe Academy Primary School.  I finished the primary level in 2000 and joined high school in 2001 to 2004. In high school I was good in drama and I was elected a drama chairman in 2002. While being the drama chairman I mobilized the fellow youths and came up with a group called Tuungane Vijana Club (Unite Youth Group).

Even though the group wasn’t successful, and existed for only six months, I never gave up. After the “O” level I went back home and started selling kerosene and other commodities by the roadside. I shifted from that and started selling fruits like avocado, bananas and others in Kericho in the year 2006, which continued for two years. In 2007, our country Kenya had an election whereby the citizen elected the leaders. The results were not agreed upon by the citizens. This made the citizens to start rioting over the results. 
Due to that, I went back home for security reasons and found my brother Ledmark had come up with a group called Home Boys youth Group. The group wasn’t successful once again. The group thus collapsed but we never gave up. That was when I came up with a group called Opera Youth Group in 2008 January. I acted as a chairman in Opera Youth Group. In our group I decided to encourage my colleagues to perform in public place like market places, churches and schools preaching the gospel of peace. The reason for this idea was that during the era of violence in Kenya, there was no food and people were left hungry. I too experience live shooting of fellow youths in Sondu market in Rift Valley County. I thus saw a sense of imparting some positive ideas to the fellow youths.

In the process of finding peace, I met Adam Hummel on 2nd of May 2009. We held a workshop in Kiptere. I found a chance to invite my group to perform during the workshop. I was so happy in that my group found a place to expose their talents. All that was due to Adam’s and Courtney’s inspiring words to us. That was when we decided to call the group Adam’s Youth Group. Together we came up with the Youth Ambassadors for Peace and still today the group exists whereby I am the regional director and I also continuing with my managerial studies. We are trying to change the youths in Kenya and see that we have achieved the goals of our leaders in Kenya.

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