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Building a sustainable peace in Kenya through youth empowerment, engagement, and unity.
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How to Help


This project needs all the help we can get, ranging from financial contributions to moral support to volunteering yourself! What’s most important is that we need the word to be spread and if you are from another peace building organization specifically operating in Kenya we’d love to hear from you and hopefully work together in some way.

There is a great deal of hope that is being generated by this project in Kenya at the moment and there are lots of people on board and willing to give their greatest efforts to ensure that this project is a success. They do however require assistance from people abroad, and this is where you can help! If you know of anyone willing to assist in getting this amateur project off the ground we need assistance, but in the meantime donations are graciously accepted.

Every penny donated goes directly to the projects themselves and I personally cover the administrative fees required for sending the money there.

To give you an idea of how far a (Canadian) dollar can go:

$1 = 87 Kenyan Shillings (as of December 2011)

1 cup of tea in the village = 5 Shillings = 5 cents

Taxi ride from one village to another = 80 Shillings = approximately $0.90



To Donate:

To make a donation and help out with the Youth Ambassadors for Peace, please contact us here:


Paypal donations can be made to the same email address.


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Youth Ambassadors for Peace Projects:
Coexistence Football Tournaments High School Peace Clubs

The football tournament held in May 2009 was a huge success with the final bringing out 2000+ spectators.



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Youth Ambassadors traveled to four different high schools in the area to set up peace clubs.



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Adam's Youth Group Nikki’s Chikkies – Poultry Project

A new group, a drama club, has been created in order to advocate the message of peace in a creative way.



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The purpose of this project is to buy chickens to use their eggs to donate to community members who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.



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