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Building a sustainable peace in Kenya through youth empowerment, engagement, and unity.
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Coexistence Football Tournaments


Our football tournaments are now annual, and the first one, held in 2009 was a huge success with the final bringing out approximately 2000 spectators. The weekend before that first final game, I had traveled to three different villages to kick off the tournament with each specific participant tribal community. A number of intra-tribal games were held to determine the team to send to the finals, and the next weekend the best team from each tribe played each other. The winner in May 2009 was the Luo community, which, coincidentally, is the community that President Obama’s father came from as well, so 2009 was quite a year for the Luos!

In April 2011 we held another tournament, which was won by the Kisiis, and approximately 3000 people came out to watch the finals held in the Nyanza Province.

Our next tournament will be held in April 2012 and this time we plan to incorporate of the country’s first ever all girls soccer tournaments. We are currently looking for teams and hope to be able to work with other organizations to both find the teams and facilitate the tournament. More news to come as that date approaches!


Donations are also welcome and necessary for the success of this program.


If you’d like to help sponsor a tournament it will be named after you and only costs around $500 for everything!


If you’d like to assist with this incredible project, please get in touch!




Watch a video about the Adam Hummel Coexistence Football Tournament View here >



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