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Nikki’s Chikkies


Nikki’s Chikkies is a chicken farm located in Matongo, Kenya. The purpose of this project is to purchase chickens at the price of approximately $5 CAD each, and donate their eggs to individuals in the Kisii, Luo, Kalenjin, Luhya and Maasai communities who have recently been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Aside from providing some nutrients to those most affected with this virus, the primary purpose of this farm is to show those who are often disenfranchised and shunned by their respective communities that they have the love and support of the youths.

As the project expands, we hope to also be able to purchase both a number of goats and cows to be able to provide milk and milk products to these individuals free of charge as well.

Working closely with local clinics that provide anti-retroviral drugs and other medication to those affected, we regularly meet with groups of patients and are often given long lists of those who wish to participate in our project. Though it is young, this project is well known and is increasingly gaining popularity both in Kenya and abroad.

Individual donations are welcome and the cost of a chicken is only $5 CAD. You can even name the chicken you purchase and we will post the names of the chickens on the outside of the farm! As for other animals, a goat costs $65 CAD and a cow approximately $300 CAD.

If you are or know chicken farmers in Canada or elsewhere, our plans to expand include purchasing our own piece of land on which to run the project, build additional coops, and of course purchase more chickens, in addition to employing someone to supervise the project and collect the eggs. In this way we have the ability to offer someone full time employment who needs it, and create a self-sustaining project that can both sell some eggs to help create an income for the project, while keeping to the original goal of the project which is to help HIV positive individuals.


If you’d like to assist with this incredible project, please get in touch!




To make the farm self-sustainable, a third of the eggs produced are sold in the market to raise money for chicken feed and chemicals. This is a video of Adam trying his hand in the egg market in Chabera with an eager and supportive crowd! View here >


This short video is the response we received from our first ever egg delivery to a group of approximately 20 HIV-positive adults in the Kisii village of Matongo. Notice they are holding the eggs in their hands. View here >


Photo Gallery:


The following are some pictures of a visit we made to the Kisii community clinic to distribute eggs to a group of 30 HIV-positive individuals



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