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Building a sustainable peace in Kenya through youth empowerment, engagement, and unity.
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Adam's Youth Group


Today there is so much more to do but the results have been amazing!


As an offshoot of the Youth Ambassadors for Peace, a new group, a drama club, has been created in order to advocate the message of peace in a creative way. With the help of Kepha Nyambegera, we have been working to ensure that this drama group, also named Adam’s Youth Group, is able to travel to impacted areas around the country to perform in marketplaces, schools, and theatre settings. They are a group of extremely dedicated individuals who I have seen perform on a number of occasions and they require all the help they can get in terms of funding and support. Today they are trying to record some CDs of the songs and poems they have written, and with additional financial resources they hope to expand and continue to grow.


MEMBERS OF Adam’s Youth Group
1. Kepha Nyambegera – Chairman
2. Albert Masisa – Treasurer
3. Ledmark Okari – Member
4. Sheillah Moraa – Secretary
5. Winny Kerubo – Member
6. Inkled Moraa – Member
7. Wycliffe Monigi – Member
8. Joachim Onkware – Member
9. Duke Mweresa – Member
10. Handson Monari – Member
11. Millicent Magoma – Advisor


The following is a poem that Adam’s Youth Group wrote and have performed in verse on a number of occasions:


“We Shall Never Go Back to War”

They bought our rights
They cut our voices
And in counter reaction, we marched
To express our disappointment
Because this shouldn’t have happened
And still should never happen.

Where did we go wrong?
That we decided to cut and slash each other
Where did we take our humanity?
To start reasoning with inhumanity and carelessness
Tell me to make amends
So that our struggle to be one waved.

Most have heart for unlike Ochomba
At least you have buried his head
Though you loved him, God loved him most
Though you wanted more time to make amends for past mistakes
He will be in peace and in faith
He will be with you.

Families in agony
Children as orphans
Adults without arms
Some legless
Was the result of our action
Just in the name
Of a stolen election.


Yes we shall never go back to war!
Yes in pain!
Yes in happiness!

Together we stood
In one voice we spoke
Though in tongues we varied
Our aim was one
Our desire was the same
That democracy was to prevail.

Dust to dust the priest said

Where you came from you shall return he added
As he laid to rest the remains of human parts with
The fallen families around the mass grave.

Besides the banana tree
The head laid
Warm tears flowed down his innocent face
And so just like that the child was gone.

We will never go back to war
Yes we will never go back to war again
This is a lesson the youths must learn
Our differences might be great
Our opinions might not be the same
But though it might stretch
The stitch holding us together
Must never break.





This is a video of Adam’s Youth Group performing their poem “We shall never go back to war" View here >



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